NVC: Visa Application Process

After USCIS approves your form I-130, they will send it to the National Visa Center(NVC) for further processing.
NVC will contact you upon receiving your application and will guide you through the next step of your application.

Here are the steps you need to take after your case move to NVC and they send you your NVC case number in order for you to sign up online.

Step 1: pay NVC Fees:

Log in online and pay all fees for your case. Allow at least a week for each payment to be processed by NVC.

Step 2: Submit the form DS-260, Collect and submit all supporting documents online.
NVC will tell you if you have to send all documents online or mail them directly to them. Click here to send your documents.

step 3: After NVC received all the documents, they will let you know if they are approved or not. If there are issues, they will ask you to correct them before your case can move forward.

Step 4: After approval of all your supporting documents, NVC will send your case to the US consular or embassy of the country where your relatives live and will have their visa interviews.
They will contact you with the date and time of the interview.

Step 5: Prepare for the Interview:

– Collect all the original documents and print your DS-260 confirmation page to bring to the interview.

– schedule your visit medical at least 3 weeks before your interview date.

Here is a video from the U.S Department of State to help you prepare for a visa interview. Click here.

Step 6: Interview day:

  1. Be at least 2 hours early
  2. Have your Passport
  3. Have your appointment letter
  4. Have 2 passport type color photos
  5. Have all your originals and supporting documents
  6. Have your visit medical envelope?
  7. Have all your translations
  8. Have your visa fees.

– If your visa is denied?  You can file a claim here.

– If your visa is approved? CONGRATULATIONS!

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