January 28, 2023


The Visa Bulletin is provided monthly and provides important information on the available immigration visa number.

The State Department and USCIS distribute the number for the visa applicant to check if there is a visa available for them.

For USA Lottery (DV Lottery), you need to see if your case number is visa ready or not. So you have to look at the number on the table below and compare it with your file number

– If the number displayed here is greater than your number, it means your is scheduled for next month. Visit the website www.dvlottery.state.gov  and enter your information to see the exact day and time of your interview at the embassy.

– If the number here is smaller than your number, it means that your interview is not scheduled yet. Come back next time to double check.

– If you see the word CURRENT or C, it means that all numbers are current and your service is scheduled for next month, regardless of the number you have. Visit the website and enter your information to see the exact day and time of your interview at the Embassy.

Note: For example, your case number will look like this: AF00005892 this means your case number is Africa 5892 and you will compare this number to the one below.

Check this website all the time to find out if the numbers have changed. (The Department of State updates the visa bulletin once a month)

We will update these numbers monthly, so you can get better information for the exact date and time of your visa interview.

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June 2020 : DV Lottery category immigrant numbers are available for eligible DV-2020 applicants. visas are available, and an interview is scheduled for visa applicants whose file number is  LOWER  than the number below:

RegionAll DV Chargeability Areas Except
Those Listed Separately
AFRICACURRENTExcept:  Egypt  42,000
ASIACURRENTExcept:  Nepal  13,500

The DV-2019 program ends on September 30, 2020. All US lottery visas must be issued by September 30, 2020. After this date, you may not be able to receive a visa. It is therefore very important to stay informed and to check the visa bulletin at least once a month.