January 28, 2023

Where was the origin of soccer (football)

Soccer or Football?

Soccer or football as many other countries call it is practice in the whole world. U.S and Canada still call it soccer just to differentiate it to America football.

Basic rules about soccer

Soccer is a sport that people play with their feet. Hands are used only by the goal keeper and never by the players on the field. They are 22 players total in the field. 11 on each team and one referee. In each team, you have 10 mains players and one goalkeeper. The field that they are supposed to stay in and keep the ball in circulation using their feet is a rectangle that measures about 100 over 130 yards. The goalkeeper has to stay at the end of each side of the field in a penalty zone that is about 10 over 18 yards and prevent other team from scoring. Each goal scored count as 1 point for that team.

The entire game last only 105 minutes divided in 2 halftime of 45 minutes each with a break of 15 minutes in between. In case this game needs to have a winner, after the 105 minutes, if they score is tie, they will go into overtime that last 30-minute total divided in two halftimes with no break. After the overtime, if the game still ties, each coach will choose 5 players to kick penalties. The penalties can go on and on if they still tie until one player missed and the other store to win the game.

Origins of Soccer

The origin of soccer dated back to the second and third centuries BC in china. It was originally called Tsu’Chu and it was played by kicking a leather ball filled with feathers and hair through an opening into a small net fixed onto long bamboo canes. The used of the hands was not permitted just like today.

 In the 500 and 600 years, in Japan they players has to pass the ball to each other in a relatively small space trying not to let it touch the ground.

In the 700 and 800 years, the Greeks started playing with a small ball with two team on a rectangle field marked by boundary lines and a center line. The objective was to get the ball over to the other side of the field by passing it to each other on the team and keep it away from the other team. This is generally how the game is still played today.

Soccer starts to gain popularity in 1863 when 12 man met in the Green Queen Street of London, England. They formed the first governing body of the sport called Football Association (FA). The Football Association drew up the first common code of rules for the game. Most of the rules that we use today to practice the game was drew in London.

FIFA was founded in May 1904 to take over Football Association. FIFA is now the governing body of soccer and oversee all soccer related activities in the world.